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This lesson is all about Levers and Inclined Planes.

You will learn about simple machines, physical laws, and so much more!
  • 2-Engineering-Levers and Inclined Planes-Introduction Video
  • 3-Engineering-Levers and Inclined Planes-Inclined Plane
  • 4-Engineering-Inclined Planes-Your Turn to Build!
  • Slide Instructions
  • 5-Engineering-Inclined Planes Build Discussion Board
  • 7-Eng-Levers and Inclined Planes-Classes of Levers Bonus Video(Grades6-8)
  • 8-Engineering-Levers and Inclined Planes-Your Turn to Build!
  • 9-Engineering-Levers Build Discussion Board
  • 10-Eng-Levers and Inclined Planes-Mech Adv Bonus Video!(Grades6-8)
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed